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Ready to take the right steps towards mastering the art of selling your home for top dollar with the least headaches? Don't navigate the intricate world of property sales alone. Join my exclusive 5-day email course, the Listing Masterclass, and gain the expertise you need to excel.


🔑 What's Inside:

- Learn the secrets of effective property marketing

- Price your listings strategically for maximum returns

- Learn what to fix and what not to waste money on

-Guides on my unique marketing tips and tricks  

-A gift of your choice upon successful completion!

🏡 The Result:

Confidence and success in selling your home.

Enroll now in the Listing Masterclass. Receive 5 insightful emails, each bringing you closer to selling your home for top dollar. Don't miss this opportunity to transform into a knowledgeable seller!

Besides this excellent course, you can also explore my website's rich resources including seller-focused blogs and diverse insights. With the right knowledge, you'll be well-prepared for what's ahead.


Let’s connect and turn you into the ultimate home seller!


Want to see some marketing examples and more? Keep scrolling!


I utilize unique approaches to marketing that no one else does. My team believes in creating memorable and impactful campaigns that will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. We are devoted to staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends and techniques in the real estate industry.


Anything listed here doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the full, in-depth marketing experience you will enjoy by listing your house with me- but let me put some examples!

  • Professional pictures and video (ALWAYS)

  • Unique open houses (Oktoberfest, haunted house, etc)

  • Business cards for your property

  • Landing page for your property

  • Bullseye marketing

  • The list goes on....and on, and on!


Always innovating. Always.


Click the examples below to see some recent success and the marketing we deployed to attain it. Even though the properties are different, one constant remains- whether your house is $180,000 or $1,800, will receive the same treatment. Let's get sold!

Stunning mansion on Todt Hill in Staten Island


Two family high ranch on Staten Island

Two Familys

Large Ranch on Staten Island


Beautiful semi attached house in Staten Island

Semi Attached

Cozy 1 bedroom co-op on Staten Island

Co Ops

Extraordinary luxury NYC condo on Staten Island

Luxury NYC Condos


Joseph Ranola was a God send! He navigated through very difficult challenges with the sale of my house, all the way to closing. Thankful!


We got multiple great offers the first week we put my house up. Joseph Ranola guided me into picking the best one and we closed immediately!


Joseph Ranola was professional from the moment we met. He walked me through all the way to closing. Recommend x100!



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