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What’s going on in the Staten Island/NYC Real Estate world this week?

As always, I’d like to provide you with some light reading for your Sunday so you’re up to date on the current Real Estate market in Staten Island, Brooklyn, NYC and beyond! 🎃 TODAY! Free Pumpkin Patch Open House at 10 Taylor Court, 10310! Come by for some apple cider (plus bourbon for the adults), music, donuts and more…plus, of course, pumpkins! 🚀 September Ready for Launch was great! John Merlino hit us with a ton of knowledge on 1031 Exchanges, Probate and inheriting properties. Stay tuned for #4 in October! 🏘️ 132 Castleton Avenue just hit the market- beautiful!! 🏠 446 Delafield Avenue also just hit- a lot of opportunity! 🏢 We have 3 new stores for rent! ‼️ I created a 5 day Buyers Course and a 5 day Sellers Course (both via email). Any volunteers that would like to take the course and give me feedback?! Please reply if so! ‼️ Let’s get into it!

NYC HOUSING VOUCHERS STATEWIDE NOW THE PATCH They’re adjusting NYC vouchers to be able to work statewide.

HITS AND MISSES MRE Check out these hits and misses in the Real Estate world this week

HOME APPRECIATION LEVELING SIBOR Home prices aren’t falling they’re leveling out.

Remember, knowledge is your compass in the realm of Staten Island Real Estate- and that’s exactly what we aim to provide in our Sunday News snippets.

Stay informed, stay empowered, and navigate the New York market with confidence!

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