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What’s going on in the Staten Island/NYC Real Estate world this week?

And that's that- school has started! As we send

our little ones off to a great year, we can expect

market activity to bounce up a little bit before the

winter slowdown.

I'm working on the website of all websites- it

should be done within 2 weeks. Seller courses,

buyer courses, report cards……cannot wait to show

all of you.

Lastly, this week is that difficult time of the year

for all of us- 9/11. Take a moment to reflect the

horrors of that day and say a prayer for all those

lost as well as their families. God bless America

WHAT’S WORSE THAN RECORD HIGH RENT? WSJ Record high rent…plus fees!

MONTHLY INDICATORS SIBOR An even further breakdown into the numbers

MILLION DOLLAR LISTINGS ON THE RISE Yahoo Million dollar listings are becoming more abundant

Remember, knowledge is your compass in the realm of Staten Island Real Estate- and that’s exactly what we aim to provide in our Sunday News snippets.

Stay informed, stay empowered, and navigate the New York market with confidence!

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