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What’s going on in the Staten Island/NYC Real Estate world this week?

As always, I’d like to provide you with some light reading for your Sunday so you’re up to date on the current Real Estate market in Staten Island, Brooklyn, NYC and beyond!

🍾 It’s the first month of the year! Clean slate. Goals to crush. Let’s get to it!

🏘 I think it’s a mixture of 1. new year 2. good news with rate cuts and 3. rates being in the 6’s….I haven’t seen this type of activity in I think all of 2023! I have spent the first few days of this year so inundated with showings, new buyers, interest on my listings, offers and more that I forgot to eat 2-3 days in a row…and that never happens. Woohoo!

🏚 POTENTIAL OFF MARKET DEAL FOR INVESTORS - We have a distressed property currently off market that looks prime for a flip. Have videos to send. Reply if interested in more information.

👨🏻‍🚀 I’m now a Premium Member of Bigger Pockets- watch out! I’m flexing my investor-friendly muscles and starting to pick up far more investor clients. This will go hand in hand with our Ready For Launch Reboot in 2024! *Check in from last week - picked up 6 potential investors that I’d love to help! The deals are out there my friends.

🏢 Anyone have an apartment to rent out? I received an overwhelming response to all of the apartments I listed recently- we’ll get it rented right away! *Speaking of apartments- may have a south shore 1 bedroom hitting the market next week. Anyone looking?

🛠 Who’s got a property that needs fixing up and wants to sell it?! One of my investors is READY to buy it, literally tomorrow! Let me know what you have- a deal is to be made!

🏚 Looking for foreclosures? I’ve had an uptick in interest in them recently. Showed a few this weekend and making offers this week! Let me know if I can find you one…one of my investors made $400,000+ on an REO we did 2 years ago 🤯

☎️ Book a call with me! Buyer consultation, seller consultation, just a simple discovery call…book away!

📘 I wrote a book! I will be giving it out as a free PDF to all of my people (that’s you) in the upcoming weeks- but let me know if you’d like one sooner. It’s a quirky survival guide to Staten Island Real Estate 🤓

🏦 Our bank is LIVE! It’s a very interesting property. Unique buildings like this don’t come around often. We’re currently planning a huge event for it within the next few months. Stay tuned!

💻 My website is finished!! Finally! The theme is “get smarter about Real Estate”, and that’s what I intend to help you with! Please click around and let me know what you think!



Check out this nice little stat package put together by SIBOR. Shows what I’ve been telling you for months!



More good news in the world of mortgage rates



It looks like no new (big) buildings may be coming until the 2030’s…. wow!

Remember, knowledge is your compass in the realm of Staten Island Real Estate- and that’s exactly what we aim to provide in our Sunday News snippets.

Stay informed, stay empowered, and navigate the New York market with confidence!

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