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Harnessing Online Tools and Resources: Staten Island Home Search Made Easy

Attractive room in a home with accent pieces in front of a pretty wall.

Welcome to the modern era of home buying, where digital tools and online resources will empower your Staten Island home search. Let's explore how these resources can make your home search efficient and informed!

Utilize Real Estate Websites

Discover Staten Island's homes using platforms like Zillow,, and Redfin. These sites offer extensive listings with detailed property info, photos, and virtual tours. Refine your search by price, location, and features.

Buying a home is something that happens in stages. You'll use these sites to start to get a handle on what's out there- before you know it, when a house hits the market you'll be able to tell if it's overpriced or a deal!

Once you start to really hone in on what you're looking for, I then subscribe you to an active MLS search so that you'll receive instant updates whenever a home hitting that criteria hits the market. I receive these too so we'll be notified together- then we'll be one of the first to go see it and submit our offer!

Stay Mobile with Apps

Access property listings on the go with the mobile app versions of the above named websites. Enjoy features like saved searches and interactive neighborhood maps.

Virtual Tours and 3D Walkthroughs

Explore properties virtually. Get a feel for layout and flow through immersive 3D walkthroughs. *This depends on the listing agent for that property, and all are certainly not the same! Some agents offer this, some do not. On all of our listings, we always include a drone video walkthrough- big help to get a feel for the layout of the home before you commit to going to see it in person!

Team Up with a Local Real Estate Agent

Online tools are valuable, but having a Staten Island Real Estate Expert is essential. I leverage technology to align homes with your preferences and guide you through the process.

I blend tech and expertise to enhance your Staten Island home buying journey. Let me help you navigate these online resources efficiently!

Contact us today to start your journey towards homeownership.

Ready to learn more? Enroll in our HOMESEEKERS ACADEMY!

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